Welcome to Global Industrial Supplies & Services Limited

Global Industrial Supplies and Services Limited is presently a fast growing dynamic company with focus being placed on safety supplies and services, general sales, maintenance service and equipment rental.

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Mission Statement

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our clients by ensuring global representation and bringing foreign representation and support in areas of new and existing products via our expertise. We will always provide the best cost-optimum products and services to our customers.

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The Original Black Beauty Abrasive is available at “GISSL”; we are the ONLY authorized distributor of this product.

Black Beauty is high in quality, chemically inert, low free silica – Less than 0.1% and low dusting. This product are utilized in a wide range of application including removal of surface coating such as rust, paint and scale from a variety of substrates, especially structural steel and concrete.

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GSI-3012 Multi-Function Tank Gauge (MTG™)

The MTG™ “Multi-function Gauge” provides more data and the lowest cost of ownership of all "Inventory" tank gauges on the market. MTG™ customers experience both economic and operational benefits from its use, typically seeing payback on the MTG™ within the first year of operation. It is the only tank gauge (single instrument) to provide all necessary data to calculate volume by either Hybrid Method (Level, Temperature, Density, & Water) or Hydrostatic Method (Mass, Density, & Water) in real time directly from the gauge. The MTG™ 3012 transmitter supports over 1,000 strapping points and can provide diagnostic measurements, raw measured data, or calculated data. It is the perfect gauge for use with DCS, SCADA, and HMI software. The MTG™ provides both quantitative and qualitative measurement of product. It provides operational, enviromental, and safety benefits beyond that which a typical tank gauge may provide.