Global Industrial Supplies and Services Limited was formed by a local entrepreneur who had the foresight to develop a supply and service company for the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industry and sought to establish an organization second to none in its field by adopting International Standards.

Global Industrial Supplies and Services Limited is presently a fast growing dynamic company with focus being placed on safety supplies and services general sales maintenance service and equipment rental.

The company is managed by a group of professionals with approximately over 25 years involvement and experience in the industry. Our management has recognized the many problems that are faced in the industry and the business sector and therefore have implemented policies to increase our services to the business and industrial community to improve safety efficiency of sales and services maintaining customer relations as well as being innovative towards development and maintenance of our company as a more secure reliable organization. G.I.S.S.L holds strong to the fact that we are not willing to compromise our quality of work or services for any short-term financial gain.

We have developed standards to ensure quality of our products and services. We recognize and understand that together both our customers and we must record a profit. As a result Global Industrial Supplies and Services Limited can boast that we:

  • Have developed strong local and international networks.
  • Use competitive forces to our advantage.
  • Solve technical and business problems in a timely fashion.
  • Constantly innovate (products services suppliers systems and procedures).
  • Ensure that we always transfer value onto our customers.

We are confident that we can add efficiencies to improve your operations and increase profitability.

We are looking forward to developing a meaningful relationship with you to achieve your ultimate goal i.e. cost effective quality prompt delivery and self-satisfaction