Black Beauty Abrasives

 black beauty

The Original Black Beauty Abrasive is available at “GISSL”; we are the ONLY authorized distributor of this product in the Caribbean.
Black Beauty is high in quality chemically inert low free silica – Less than 0.1% and low dusting. This product are utilized in a wide range of application including removal of surface coating such as rust paint and scale from a variety of substrates especially structural steel and concrete.
Black Beauty Abrasive Product Grades:

Extra Fine: Use Extra Fine to clean surfaces and create a smooth finish Brush-off Blast or in a high pressure water blast system.

Fine: For new construction light paint and rust removal and for special maintenance applications requiring reduced profiles. Bridge maintenance light mill scale paint and rust new structural steel.

Medium: For general purpose repair and maintenance blasting for the removal of paint and rust structural steel mill scale general purpose aggregate exposure.

Available Packaging Sizes:
100lbs bags
Jumbo Sack 1.5 tons


Features and Benefits

●Less than 0.1% free silica BLACK BEAUTY® abrasives are an original green recycled
product manufactured from coal combustion by-product.

●Hard angular particles BLACK BEAUTY® abrasives are fast cutting low dusting
and tough enough to get the job done.

●Uniform density BLACK BEAUTY® abrasives have less than 0.1% free silica
compared to sand at up to 99% free silica

●Low friability BLACK BEAUTY® abrasives are not causally linked with any
disease including silicosis. They exceed military industry and

●Low dusting California standards thereby enhancing worker safety and
potentially reducing costs associated with special waste handling

●Chemically inert and worker liability insurance.

●Passes California Title 17 BLACK BEAUTY® abrasives comply with the newest and
(CARB) (Selected certified most technically advanced abrasive specifications available.
Plant Locations)

The product name BLACK BEAUTY® refers to a by-product of the combustion of coal that is processed into abrasive products by REED Minerals a division of Harsco Corporation.
Typically it is fused ferro-alumino-sili-cate of complex composition formed when the molten slag is quenched in cold water. The quenching instantly solidifies the molten solution into an amorphous or non-crystalline glass and by thermal shock fractures the slag into rough angular particles.
The overall appearance of the mater-ial is that of a coarse black aggre-gate

Product Features that are beneficial for BLACK BEAUTY® abrasives:

● High Hardness – Product ranges between 6 and 7 on the Moh’s Scale of Mineral Hardness and is characterized by low friability and low dusting especially important on jobsites in congested areas or where emission containment is specified.

●Angular Particle Shape – Provides for excellent abrasive qualities; high productivity surface cleanliness and surface profile.

●Specific Gravity – Consistency of chemistry provides a consistent specific gravity.

●Less than 0.1% free silica – “High free silica” products have been found to increase the risk of silicosis. BLACK BEAUTY® abrasive is classified as a “low free silica” abrasive and can be used when “low free silica” abrasives are specified.

●Chemically stable – BLACK BEAUTY® abrasive is chemically inert and virtually non-leachable as demonstrated by independent laboratory testing